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We are passionate about using our knowledge and wisdom gained from decades of practice with Genomic Medicine to change the conversation around cognitive health. While we are not yet curing Alzheimer’s disease, we are already using the power of Genomic Medicine to create a better future for those at risk or already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. And one day, we hope to see the end of Alzheimer’s disease for good.

Dr Joe Veltmann

Joe Veltmann PhD FAAIM DCCN

Dr. Veltmann is a scientist, healthcare practitioner, author, teacher, and expert in Genomic Medicine. With over 40 years of experience as a researcher and practitioner, Dr. Veltmann has made a career of translating lab results into practical clinical applications for patients around the world.

He has achieved international recognition as the pioneering developer of the GENESIS Matrix® holistic health model that explores the interactions between seven key variables to create better health strategies to prevent and treat disease. After more than a decade of successfully using the GENESIS Matrix®, he added genomics in 2001 – before the Human Genome Project was fully completed. This provided him with an unparalleled ability to uncover predispositions for chronic diseases and cancer long before symptoms appear. Read More

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