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Preventing & Reversing Cognitive Decline

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most feared illnesses of our time. Losing the ability to recognize your children or spouse, forgetting the important moments of your life, losing lifelong skills and the ability to process information, getting lost on the way home—memory loss steals your life.

Don’t lose your precious memories. It’s not inevitable. We can help.

If you are at risk for Alzheimer’s disease, have started showing some memory loss or cognitive decline, or even have already been diagnosed, there is hope. Recent research is showing that up to 90% of Alzheimer’s may be preventable, and in early stages can often be reversed – with the right approach.

We use the power of your DNA to create a personalized road map to help you thrive – mind, body, and spirit – so your best memories are still to come.

75 Million
There are 75 million Americans with ApoE4, the most important genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's Disease.
65 Seconds
Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in the U.S. every 65 seconds.
5 Million
More than 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in America.
200 Billion
The direct healthcare cost is estimated at $200 billion per year for these 5 million people with Alzheimer's Disease. This does not include loss of work, income, and out-of-pocket expenses for patients and their families.
13 Million
Estimated number of people that will be suffering with Alzheimer's Disease in 2050. We can change this using personalized Genomic Medicine.

Are you on a collision course?

Most of today’s chronic diseases and illnesses are caused by interactions between our genes and our personal environment – think diet, nutrition, lifestyle, medications, physical environment – even your relationships! Alzheimer’s disease is no exception. Your genes might be on a collision course – and you may not even know it!

Genomic testing can reveal the answers hidden in your DNA.  We all have a similar DNA structure, but genetic variations in our DNA are what makes each of us truly unique.

Even though we can’t change our genes, we can absolutely change the environments they’re exposed to once we are empowered by our DNA. With your personal DNA blueprint, you can finally create an effective plan to prevent, improve, or even reverse cognitive decline.

"I thought I was doing everything right to be healthy ... but instead I was setting myself up for disease! With the genomic testing and your personalized recommendations, I was able to reverse course. My labs are now all great and I feel amazing. Thank you!"


Receive holistic guidance based on your personal blueprint

We take a whole-person approach, which we call Genomic Medicine — translating the language of your genes into an actionable health plan personalized to you. 

Using our comprehensive, clinical genomic testing and proven GENESIS Matrix® model, we take the instructions contained in your genes and map out how to best support your body, mind, and spirit on this journey. 

Preventing Alzheimer's Genomic Medicine Center

Vitality is just around the corner.

From hello to health, we are here to help.

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